deep tissue massage

Therapy & rehabilitation

,Pain relief is essential to recovery, rehab and to full functioning
It requires, first and foremost, an accurate diagnosis of patient's problem

:Anti-Pain Clinic provides comprehensive diagnosis which includes
Diagnosis of pain symptoms, movement restrictions
examination of posture and motion patterns
check of spinal column, examination of personal,
medical history and a private .consultation


If you prefer to control pain without ongoing use of painkillers
! Anti-Pain clinic' is the proper solution for you'

:Initiate first step to solve your problem and call


,Unlike general massage which usually intended for relaxation, or refresh

Deep tissue massage is a therapeutic procedure to alleviate pain symptoms and to solve musculoskeletal back, spine, neck, or shoulder problems
Deep tissue massage stimulates the blood flow and supply of regeneration materials to the tissues
Deep tissue massage reinforces the strength and endurance of muscles, tendons and ligaments
Deep tissue massage Inhibits inflammation in the damaged tissues and scatters swelling
Deep tissue massage strengthens the immune system and facilitates the action of lymphatic system
Deep tissue massage adjusted to personal motor abilities of the body and to pain threshold of each patient

Anti-Pain Clinic


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